Annotation Contributions

This page allows you to upload annotation contributions associated with a collection in Alveo. You can upload any type of data file which you wish to link to existing data, for example transcription text files or textgrids. To be associated with a data file, an annotation file must have the same filename up to the extension (e.g. “4_68_4_10.wav” and “4_68_4_10.TextGrid”).
Contribution Associated Collection Abstract
AusTalk Dolby transcriptions austalk This is a set of transcriptions for AusTalk conversations, contributed by Dolby Australia Pty Ltd.
Austalk Manual Transcriptions austalk Transcriptions of the re-told story and interview tasks for 92 speakers from the Austalk collection. These recordings were manually transcribed be a commercial provider. Transcriptions are roughly time-aligned with timestamps every so often in the text. Transcripts are provided as word files and plain text.
Austalk Maptasks MQ austalk Manually segmented transcriptions for some of the Austalk Maptask recordings.
Austalk MapTasks Transcribed austalk This dataset includes transcriptions and dialogue annotations for some AusTalk Map Tasks. The transcriptions were created with Transcriber during the AusTalk Annotation Task (Felicity Cox, Macquarie University). The textgrids with full annotations were created with Praat in the project funded by the Centre of Excellence for the Dynamics of Language (COEDL), Princ. Investigator Dominique Estival (Western Sydney University).
Austalk Sentences MQ austalk
transcriber-sample austalk For ATS testing purposes only

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